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The wine store at Tony’s Off Third is about the selection – thousands of bottles, including select splits and large formats, spanning all varietals, geographic regions, and price points. Many you will have heard of, and many more you may not have, but we hope you’ll love, because we don’t stock anything that we don’t personally taste. We are also equally, if not more so, about the service you will experience in our store. Sukie and her team of wine experts are on-site daily, helping customers select that perfect bottle of wine.

Tell us what you love (or hate!) in a wine and we’ll be able to offer advice about other choices to meet your tastes. Tell us your occasion, and we’ll be able to suggest options that suit the event. Tell us what wine is the most special to you for any reason. Because of her industry connections, built over decades in the field, Sukie can often get small-production wines that are very limited in allocation. Are you newer to wine? We’d love to talk to you about how we can help introduce you to unique grapes and producers. Are you an experienced collector? Sukie has advised many dedicated collectors on their cellars.

We offer many wine tastings throughout the year, including our popular Wine Wednesdays, offered from the fall through the spring, 2-6pm each Wednesday in our store, during which we pour free samples of two wines that we select each week. Stop by the shop and have a chance to talk casually with our experts about the wines being poured that week or anything else in the store. We also host several, more formal tastings that will often feature up to a dozen or more individual wines. Frequently we have the chance to welcome the winemaker to Tony’s Off Third for these events, thanks in part to Sukie’s deep and longstanding industry connections. To learn about and register for all of our wine tastings, be sure to sign up for our e-newsletters!

Naples’ Most Respected Fine Wine Merchant

Known for her remarkable palate, Sukie Honeycutt, owner and wine director, has been in the wine business for over 35 years. She has created an impeccable selection of wines for both the avid collector and casual wine consumer. She tastes all wines before purchasing them, to ensure quality and in many cases value. Looking for highly allocated wines? Sukie’s contacts with producers are legendary. And people in the know depend on Sukie for cellar advice and thoughtful food and wine pairings for in-home entertaining. Sukie and her team provide cellar management support for select, discerning clients, as well as individual guidance for the individual customer looking for the right bottle for the right price. Please call (239) 262-7999 or email Sukie Honeycutt